“Oil Kid” – the Norwegian oil history in a personal way “Oil Kid” – the Norwegian oil history in a personal way
Published: 22. June 2017 Updated: 22. June 2017
How has life changed because of oil for Norwegians during the last decades? In the museums cinema the film "Oil Kid" gives an impression.
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The petroleum industry has dominated Norway during the last decades. What impact has that made on life for people living and working in the oil and gas industry?

The film poster “Oljeunge”/”Oil Kid”

Born with oil

The short film “Oil Kid” gives a strong impression of that. The film tells the Norwegian oil history in a personal way. The audience meets Thomas, a man born i 1969, the same year as oil was found in the Norwegian part of the North Sea. He grew up becoming an oil kid.

The father in the film “Oil Kid” was one of the pioneer workers off shore in the early years of Norwegian oil industry. (Photo: from “Oil Kid”)


Looking back, Thomas feels both longing, fear – and pride.

“Oil Kid” is a film for memories and reminiscing about the influence of the Norwegian petroleum sector for society and people.