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Norwegian Petroleum Museum in Stavanger shows how offshore operations have become Norway’s most important industry, and gives you experiences of this activity.

How oil and gas are formed, how resourcs beneath the seabed are found, and how drilling and Production are conducted.

Exhibits present the technological advances made by this sector, and how oil revenue have affected Norwegian society. They also cover the big climate challenge posed by greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Original objects, models, films and interactive exhibits convey the history of oil operations on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Children and youngsters will find many activities at the museum; the rescue chute, catastrophy room and a play-plattform where they can slide and climb.

The museum’s specialist library contains a large collection for books related to oi and gas, technology and industry.
The auditorium and meeting rooms can be hired for conference and meetings. 

Find that special gift for young and old, or a memento of your visit in the museumshop.
The attached Bølgen & Moi restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner.

The museum also provides insights into technological developments in the petroleum sector, and the way this industry has affected Norwegian society.

Norway’s oil history began in the mid-1960s, when negotiations on dividing lines in the North Sea had been completed. The Ministry of Industry established an oil office and the first licensing round was announced.

The museum presents historical developments from the first rigs drilling in the North Sea, via steel and concrete platforms developed and built in Norway, to flexible modern production ships and subsea systems which seem to be the future on the Norwegian continental shelf.