“Deep Secrets” tells the story of oil “Deep Secrets” tells the story of oil
Published: 22. June 2017 Updated: 22. June 2017
What is oil and gas made of? And why is there so much oil and gas on the Norwegian Continental Shelf? The new exhibition "Deep Secrets" will tell you.
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Four natural processes have occurred at the right time, in the right sequence, under favourable conditions and over several hundred million years.

That’s how the story of oil is told in the new exhibition “Deep Secrets”.

Four essentials

The first essential is a source, the second is a reservoir, the third is a cap and the fourth is migration. Our new exhibition makes you understand the importance of these essentials.

What is oil? That’s the question. (Photo: NOM)

Ancient sunshine

Join a journey 200 million years into the past – beneath the sea, deep into the sub-surface, where ancient sunshine has been converted into energy for our own age.

The new exhibition. (Photo: NOM)

“Deep Secrets” also tells about the detective work for finding the hidden hydrocarbons several thousand metres beneath the seabed and show how oil or gas is found in many forms from thin, pale liquid to a thick black sludge.