Children and young Children and young
Foto: Jan A. Tjemsland
Photo: Jan A. Tjemsland

The Norwegian Petroleum Museum offers many interesting activities and experiences for families with children of all ages. Here are some examples.

petro_orange kopi web lite
Petro the cat is a curious creature, and is keen to involve you in a playful and educational tour from activity to activity in the museum.

Drille Transport1 web
Follow the tracks of oil worker Drille.

Småtroll lekeplattform i oljemuseet. Foto: NOM
Photo: NOM

Småtroll (Kids Corner)
All Children’s Oil Company constantly needs new crew for its Småtroll platform. Anyone aged between three and 10 can sign on, climb on board, take their seat in the helicopter or use the crane to lift supplies on board.

Petropolis plakat web
In the cinema, put on the 3D glasses, sit well back in your seat and hold on tight. You’ll be taken on a journey millions of years into the past – when the dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Our film heroes, oil worker Drille and curious cat Petro, will explain in a light-hearted and easy-to-understand way how oil is created, how we can find and produce it, and what we use it for. Providing they manage to avoid the dinosaurs, of course.

På vei inn i Katta-stroferommet. Foto: Jan A. Tjemsland
Photo: Jan A. Tjemsland

Cat-astrophe Room

All oil workers must receive thorough training in safety before they can get a job offshore. If you dare to enter the darkness in the Cat-astrophe Room’s labyrinth, you’ll learn more about what that means.

Photo: Jan A. Tjemsland

Drill floor and escape chute
Take a trip offshore. This will give you a good impression of what things are like on the drill floor of a rig or platform. You can study genuine equipment from the oil industry and learn how it works. Go up to the roof and slide down the escape chute – as many times as you want.

Photo: Shadé Martins

Oil in the economy
Oil is a valuable commodity – so valuable that it’s often called “black gold”. Norway’s offshore oil and gas resources have made it one of the world’s richest countries.
Petroleum revenues are very important for everyone who lives and works here. Learn a little more about how – and give your views on the way Norway should manage its oil wealth in the future.

Foto: Fredrik Ringe
Photo: Fredrik Ringe

Model collection
If you have a sense of how tall the Eiffel Tower is in Paris or the Valbergtårnet tower in Stavanger, you’ll also appreciate the size of the big oil platforms.
We’ve compared a series of offshore installations with the Eiffel and Valberg towers, in particular, to make their dimensions easier to grasp.

Helikopter på plattformmodell i oljemuseet foto Fredrik Ringe
Photo: Fredrik Ringe

Statfjord B and Troll A
What do the massive platforms actually look like? They stand out to sea, and few people have seen them in real life. At the Norwegian Petroleum Museum, you can really understand how large and advanced these offshore installations are. The big models of Statfjord B and Troll A are true copies of these structures.

geologi2958 web stort
Photo: Shadé Martins

Activity days
One Sunday a month is an activity day at the Norwegian Petroleum Museum, with exciting things to do and fun ways to help you understand difficult subjects.

Geoparken fotografert av Emile Ashley
Photo: Emile Ashley


The Geopark is a popular spot for people to gather as well as a challenging playground. It contains components from production installations on the Norwegian continental shelf.