Great fun for the young guests Great fun for the young guests
Published: 23. May 2018 Updated: 4. January 2021
Come and play! The Norwegian Petroleum Museum is a great playground. Kids and youngsters are very welcome, to learn and play here.
The playground platform Småtroll alvays needs new crew. (Photo: Shadé B. Martins)
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Due to corona-restrictions, theese exhibits are currently closed.
We offer fun activity sheets the family can solve together.
The exhibitions are well suited to children from the age of 5.

Climb the children’s own platform, Småtroll. All Children’s Oil Company constantly needs new crew. Anyone between three and 10 can sign on and climb on board and even take the pilot’s place in the helicopter on top.

Action in the dark

The Catastrophe room gives you an impression of the safety-training workers need. If you dare to enter the darkness in the labyrinth, you will understand more about what that means.  (Available on request).

Have you ever tryed a real survival suit? If not, we give you the chance.

Try on a real survival suit, if you like. (Photo: Shadé B. Martins)

Slide down the escape clute

The museum building has three platforms offshore, not real platforms unfortunately, but by passing the bridge simulating the offshore helicopter flight, you get the feeling of entering a platform. A fun thing here is to go up to the roof, look at the magnificent view and slide down the escape chute – as many times as you like – if you dare!

Slide down the escape chute. (Photo: Elisabeth Tønnessen)